At ComerNowling our business is to know and understand your financial situation. We offer services beyond compliance and combine our experience, expertise, and knowledge to add value as a trusted advisor to your financial situation.

We offer the following consulting services:

Financial Processes

Every organization can benefit from being introspective, skeptical, and analytical regarding their finances. We work with organizations to develop the predictive capabilities necessary to adapt to rapid changes and outperform their peers. Specifically, we can help you with:

  • Driving growth from new markets and opportunities.
  • Enhance cash management through working capital optimization and better capital allocation.
  • Improve finance operations by focusing on operational effectiveness, financial analytics as well as budgeting, and forecasting.
  • Enable efficient regulatory compliance.
  • Effectively manage risk by identifying sources and improvements to mitigate high-risk areas.

Litigation sUPPORT

Our business consulting services help companies solve mission-critical problems. By identifying, designing, and implementing high-value changes in their strategies and operations, our clients realize significant improvements in terms of revenue growth, operating efficiencies, and the management of capital.  Our business assessment process is positioned as the backbone of our business consulting services and provides our clients with ongoing, proactive recommendations for maximizing net profit while implementing appropriate cost containment procedures.  We provide our clients with a “dashboard” for their business which guides them in making better business decisions.

Business Planning

  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Purchases or sale of a business
  • General business planning

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