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ComerNowling (legally formed as Comer, Nowling And Associates, P.C.) was formed on December 1, 2000. For the past 19 years ComerNowling has been a National leader for audit/attestation/consulting/taxation services in the multi-family affordable housing, nonprofit, homeowner association, condominium association and taxation industries. ComerNowling serves a client base that spans from New York to Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

ComerNowling was originally founded by Glenn R. Comer, CPA, and Gregory L. Nowling, CPA. Their backgrounds include extensive experience in a Big Four firm specializing in nonprofits and Federal and State governmental contracts, large regional firms specializing in multi-family affordable housing and nonprofits, legal education, and private sector financial directorship. The founders originally envisioned a firm that capitalized on their areas of expertise and experience, yet had the capability to provide clients with a close relationship found in "mom and pop" firms. Our commitment to our clients is unprecedented. Because of our dedication to our clients success, our clients benefit greatly from having the founders always available for their needs as well as a large and experienced staff in association with them. At ComerNowling, we are industry ESTABLISHED and focused on QUALITY.

In addition to being licensed in numerous States throughout the United States, ComerNowling and/or certain founders/associates are also members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Affordable Housing Association of Certified Public Accountants, Rural Rental Housing Association, Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing, Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Indiana Apartment Association, Association of Government Accountants, and the Governmental Audit Quality Center.

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